Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Real Aussie Barbie

Albies freshers
"Slip a shrimp on the barbie," we as Americans often here in reference to an Australian Barbecue.  Today marks the first day for "Freshers" (first years) at St. Albies to move in and begin their college adventure- which of course, included a barbie.  I can honestly say, I don't think I've been to as many barbecues in my life as UNE has had in this week alone.  Every day, someone seems to be putting on a barbecue.  Barbies are an integral social activity for Australians, whether amongst family friends or a large group of people, like today.

I wasn't really sure what to expect at my first authentic Australian barbie.  When I think of barbecue, I initially think pulled pork, but that was definitely not included on the menu today.  I also had the notion that perhaps there would be shrimp- or "prawns," in Aussie lingo- but that wasn't on the menu either.  Instead, Australians often refer to barbies as "sausage-sizzles."  The primary meat is sausage and steak. Unless you're having a quaint, family barbie, people rarely grill seafood.

As its nickname suggests, the barbie included sausage, steak, and chicken-kabobs- all extremely delicious.  With their meat, Aussies pile on on sorts of vegetables, coleslaw, etc.  I actually got made fun of as an American, since we normally only include cheese and some sort of sauce on our sandwiches. I was very impressed with my first Aussie barbie.  The steak was amazing- much better quality than just ground beef.  And the chicken-kabobs were a nice touch.  Barbecue sauce in Australia is much different, however.  Like a lot of foods, it is much less sweet than the way we make it in America.

Not sure if Albies was just trying to impress the fresher parents, but my first Australian barbie definitely deserves an A+.


  1. So excited to hear how each day is going. You will be talking like
    them soon.