Wednesday, March 8, 2017

UNE Campus

Hello everyone!

In honor of my "one-month anniversary" of being in Australia, I wanted to dedicate a blog post to the beautiful University of New England campus.  While walking half an hour up a hill to class every day may not seem too great at first, the beautiful campus with many sights makes the trip enjoyable.

First and foremost, the Booloominbah building is absolutely stunning- it makes me feel like I'm looking at a castle.  This is a central building at the UNE campus.  If you're important, chances are, you'll be in this building a lot.

Secondly, on my way to class each day, I have the pleasure of walking by "Deer Park."  It's a cute little area with wildlife, including deer, rabbits, and of course, kangaroos.  I feel much safer knowing I can get as close to the fence as I want and they won't touch me.

Sheep are a huge part of Australian livestock, so it's only fitting that we have a huge pasture full of sheep on our campus.  There are even numerous classes students can take regarding wool production.

Throughout my daily walk up top, I also cross numerous bridges and creeks.  During O-week, some of the leadership actually jumped in the creek- I personally wouldn't try it.

Also, it's nearly impossible to go a day without running into these "cute" little Australian magpies- they're nearly everywhere.  I've never woken up late because they always sing bright-and-early in the mornings.

It doesn't even seem real that I have been on the other side of the world for a full month!  I've had a wonderful time, making some awesome friends and being involved in the Albies and UNE community.  But I guess it's true what they say- time flies when you're having fun.



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